World War II - The Evil

The year is 2214, and a new great evil has entered the world, defeating armies and crushing innocent peoples across several continents.  Our current leaders are unsure of what steps to take to beat back this terrible horde. Several of our leaders have heard of a similar time back in human history, back to the 1930’s and 1940’s, called World War II or The Good War. These leaders are looking back to this time to learn what can been done to defeat this new evil.  Your task is to find the answers to the questions of how the world can together to defeat world evil in the past, and present these answers the the council of leaders.  Time is of the essence, you must start today before it is too late.

Start with the Set Up Document!

Your Missions are listed below, make sure you follow the plan!

Mission # 1

Mission # 2

Mission # 3 Or Mission # 5 Your Choice!

Mission # 4

Pacing Guide:

Mission 1 = Thursday, April 20th. (10th hour you will be one day later)
Mission 2 = Monday, April 24th.
Mission 3 or 5 & We will talk about this.